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Solutions for flexible packages with spout

LFS (Fill and Seal) or LFC (Fill and Cap)?

Select the right equipment for your needs:

  • LFS (Linapack Fill and Seal) machines fill the pouches through the top opening and seals it in 2 or 3 steps,
  • LFC (Linapack Fill and Cap) machines fill the pouches through the open spout, then caps it.
  • For bag in box, see here.

The table below shows the key points for the choice of the right model.

rotary fill and Seal
Linear fill and Seal
Fill and Cap
spout position corner (1)
no spout
package type stand-up pouch
side gusset bag
package feeding loose (2)
on rail (3)
filled product liquid and viscous
dry and solid
combined solid liquid
See the LFS-R rotary range See the LFS linear range See the LFC range
(1) for LFS and LFS-R, top should be sufficiently open
(2) pouches are fed manually to the magazine
(3) packs are supplied on rails of around 1 meter to make feeding easier.

For LFS and LFR-R machines, the pouch must be supplied with the spout capped and fully welded to the pouch.

For LFC machines, the pack must be supplied with the spout uncapped and fully welded to the pouch, caps must be supplied separately. The spout must have shoulders to be able to be handled hanging through the whole process.

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